Proper Fit

Proper Fit

This is a Hickey Freeman suit.

Try it on. It doesn’t feel like a suit of armor. It feels like a second skin. It moves with you, not against you. There’s balance in the way the coat rests on your neck and shoulders: A Hickey Freeman suit is designed to rest its weight on the area between the shoulders, which allows the coat to drape with a natural symmetry. There’s grace in the way it traces the line of your shirt collar. The coat front and the lapels lie close to your chest. There’s no gaping at the neck, and no "popping" of the lapels.

Proper Fit

The coat effortlessly hugs the contours of your body.

For a proper fit, check your size. Suit and Sportcoat sizes are denoted with a number and a word (42 regular, for example). The number corresponds to your chest measurement; the word describes the length of the jacket, which depends on your height (please see chart below).  To measure your chest, place your arms at your sides and have someone take a measurement under the armpits and around the broadest area of your chest.  The tape measure should be held so that it is neither tight nor loose.  Unless otherwise notated in the product description, our suits have a six-inch drop, which means that a size 40 jacket will be paired with a size 34 waist pants.

proper fit chart

To wear a Hickey Freeman suit today is to ease into a contemporary American classic: The fit, feel, and silhouette are thoroughly 21st century, impeccably engineered for the way American men live and look and work now.

Simultaneously strong and graceful: This is how an American suit should feel, and there’s nothing else like it.

Try it on. Feel it. This is Hickey Freeman. You can tell.