Spring/Summer 2015

Silk Dream

Quality is the touchstone of the silk dream collection of fine silks for summer. Hickey Freeman and the celebrated Italian mills weaving these silks create for the expectations of the modern gentleman. Time-honored techniques blend silks that look beautiful and are resilient to the pace of contemporary life.

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Silk Dream Collection
Summer Blend two

Super Merino

In the Highlands of Australia, Italian expertise in unique color and design is combined with the best farmers of ultra-fine wool. Vitale Barberis owns the Greenhills Sheep Farm in Mudgee, Australia where they help to cultivate the rare fiber from these sheep. Chemical treatment is strictly limited, producing fabric that is as natural as possible.

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Summer Blends

Wool. Silk. Linen. The unique combination of the finest natural fibers gives an ease to Summer Blend garments.  The best characteristics of each combine to create a fabric that is light weight, breathable and soft.

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Summer Blend Collection




An innovative mix of superfine Italian wools that offers both performance and elegance. Specially woven to move with the body and breathe for comfort. Developed to resist creasing and treated to repel water. Hickey Freeman Traveler is designed for successful men with modern lifestyles and discerning taste.

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Super 150’s wool developed exclusively for Hickey Freeman by Loro Piana. In the unique climate of the Blue Mountains, the fleece of sheep raised on Tasmania – an Indian ocean island off the coast of Australia – yields especially fine wool. This lightweight, super fine caliber wool allows the suit to be worn comfortably year round. Tasmanian continues to be the gold standard for men who expect as much from their clothes as they do from themselves.

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